Ian Partridge  tenor
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St Mary de Lode Church, Gloucester
Saturday, 5th May 2001 at 2.30pm

Ian Partridge (tenor)
Jennifer Partridge (piano)

Tickets £8 (£15 including lunch and lectures)
Information: 01497 820541

Peter Warlock
Sweet and Twenty
Passing By
Rest Sweet Nymphs
My Own Country
Pretty Ring Time

John Jeffreys
Merry Eye
Black Stitchel
Yet will I love her
That ever I saw

Ivor Gurney
Down by the Salley Gardens
The Singer
All Night Under the Moon
The Folly of Being Comforted
In Flanders
Praise of Ale

Recital at Blackheath Halls
23rd September 2001

Sound files
inluding Warlock, Jeffreys and Gurney