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Schubert's Goethe settings
Recital and Masterclass
Trinity College, Dublin
4th & 5th April 2003

Ian Partridge (tenor)
Seoirse Bodley (piano)

Schäfers Klagelied
Erster Verlust
Auf dem See
Der Sänger
Wanderers Nachtlied (Über allen Gipfeln)
An den Mond (Füllest wieder)
Wanderers Nachtlied (Der du von)

Kim Sheehan (soprano) and Frances Kelleher (piano):
'Gretchen am Spinnrade' / 'Ganymed'
Carl Scully (tenor) and Frances Kelleher (piano):
'Rastlose Liebe' / 'Harfenspieler I'
Daire Halpin (soprano) and Padraig Kitterick (piano):
'Ganymed' / 'Suleika II'

Schubert "Premiere":
Kosegarten Cycle - A Liederspiel

Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford
Saturday 11th September 1999 at 8.00pm

This has been released on CD by
Dogstar Records

Ian Partridge, tenor
Jennifer Bates, soprano
Ruth Peel, mezzo soprano
David Owen Norris, piano

UK premiere of 20 settings of the poet Gotthard Ludwig Kosegarten performed as a song cycle. Investigation (by Morten Solvik) has shown that there are musical connections - especially the use of key areas and the persistence of certain motivic ideas - that make it clear that Schubert had constructed an elaborate, unified musical work spanning all 20 songs. The conclusion: that Schubert wrote a large scale collection of songs to a single poet in 1815, eight years before Die schöne Müllerin, long considered Schubert's first song cycle.

Huldigung, D. 240
Alles um Liebe, D. 241
Von Ida, D. 228
Die Erscheinung, D. 229
Das Finden, D. 219
Idens Nachtgesang, D. 227
Die Sterne, D. 313
Nachtgesang, D. 314
Die Täuschung, D. 230
Das Sehnen, D. 231
Die Mondnacht, D. 238
Abends unter der Linde, D. 237
Das Abendrot, D. 236
Geist der Liebe, D. 233
Der Abend, D. 221
Idens Schwanenlied, D. 317
Schwanengesang, D. 318
Luisens Antwort, D. 319
An Rosa I, D. 315
An Rosa II, D. 316

The CD also features:
Mignon, D. 321
Harfenspieler D. 478-480
Songs from Wilhelm Meister, D. 877

Ian Partridge (tenor),
Jennifer Partridge (piano)

Meridian CDE 84395

Available at Amazon.co.uk

The Schubert songs on this disc are amongst my most favourite by this amazing composer. Geist der Liebe is full of energy and drama, whilst Wanderers Nachtlied manages to compress such poignancy within so few bars of music. The recurring theme in An die untergehende Sonne is hauntingly beautiful. In Geheimnis, the poet Mayrhofer seeks to explain the genius of his friend, Schubert, to portray all the aspects of nature in his wonderfully evocative settings. Ihr Bild, Das Fischermädchen, Liebesbotschaft and Die Taubenpost are four beautiful songs from his last year of composing, whilst Verklärung was written when Schubert was only 15. Im Frühling is arguably his finest song, and is like a set of variations. Listen for the clever way Schubert evokes the death knell in Der Jüngling auf dem Hügel, and to the wistfulness of Der Jüngling an der Quelle.
Ian Partridge, 1998

Geist der Liebe
Wanderers Nachtlied
An den Mond (Füllest)
Lachen und Weinen
An die untergehende Sonne
Der Fischer
An den Mond (Geuss)
Ihr Bild
Das Fischermädchen
Die Sterne
Die Taubenpost
An die Laute
Im Frühling
Der Jüngling auf dem Hügel
Der Wanderer an den Mond
Der Musensohn
Der Jüngling an der Quelle

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